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A Backrooms game made up with different levels and entities, the lights flicker, and there are live events such as in some levels the lights can turn off suddenly. Better have a few batteries on you! Currently the game is not finished so expect bugs and updates!

The levels are:

Level 0-6, Poolrooms&Dark Poolrooms, Level !, Level =), Level -15, The Dark Lobby, Broken Halls, Level 708

Entities are in all of the levels, except for level 4.

Entities go through walls as i do not want to create ai. There is a smiler, a howler, a skinstealer and a partygoer who can hurt you, and a frowner, who is harmless.

Current bugs:

Sometimes a wall can generate where you can go through it one way, but not the other.

If you ever get softlocked, just go to the menu and load the game again.

Install instructions

Unpack the zip folder into a folder where the game goes, and just run the exe file.


Backrooms_NoClipped.zip 119 MB

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